Place to belong nowhere -遠隔4会場オンラインサーキット&プレミアム有観客イベント-

Oct 24 (Sun), 2021 Start

The streaming was over

Shinjuku Antiknock and Kichijoji WARP, two indy live music venues that have been running Tokyo indie rock LIVEHOUSE for more than 20 years, held the second edition of a new live event called "Place to belong nowhere" as a new form of live music event that will not be outdone by this Corona disaster.
The LIVEHOUSEs in the middle of Japanese music culture, Shinjuku, Kichijoji, Shimokitazawa, and Fukuoka, will deliver a premium event with streaming and in audience stage shows together with no one has ever done before.

3man show at each venue! You can enjoy LIVE at all the venues with this distribution ticket. Don't miss this chance to see the best of Japan's indie music scene live at your home!

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