Nov. 3rd, 2020 17:00 Start

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There are many artists in the Japanese underground music scene.

Most of these artists express their music through “LIVE” experience, but since the COVID-19 Pandemic, their chances of playing shows and booking tours have completely disappeared, not to mention the venues that held these shows are also unable to hold any, putting them under a critical condition.

We took this crisis upon us and thought about what we can do to turn this situation in a positive way, and have decided to host an online streaming live shows of these Japanese artists to the world.

We named this project “COMPASS”, hoping to be a new index in the music history.

First Lineup

  • Tomy Wealth
  • 1inamillion
  • Zabutong5000
  • heliotrope
  • The Firewood project
  • FeLid
  • Kentaro Nakao (play via Modular Synth)
  • Hello1103
  • FORT

and more…

Live Houses

  • Shimokitazawa ERA
  • Kichijoji WARP
  • Shinjuku 9 spices
  • Otsuka MEETS
  • Nishieifuku JAM
  • Hachioji RIPS
  • Nishiogikubo FLAT

2020-11-03 TUE 16:30 OPEN / 17:00 START
We will deliver live streaming from 7 live houses by multi-streaming.

COMPASS Vol.2 - Streaming Ticket (For early bird)
COMPASS Vol.2 - Streaming Ticket (For early bird)

COMPASS Vol.2 - Streaming Ticket (For early bird)

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Organizer: Rinky Dink

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